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tasting event

Holy Cow!!! that was a whirlwind. Tasting event was fabulous. Thank you everyone for coming out and trying our desserts. This was a good avenue to bring forth some of the desserts that we want to add to the menu. There were many new items: mousse domes, raspberry rose entremet, opera cake, Mousse entremet, peanut butter and jelly mousse sandwiches, Tarts, millefeuille (puff pastry). Some will make the cut, some will not. The final decision will be made at the end of September. If you liked any of the above listed desserts and they do not make the cut, we'll still make them for you. We just won't offer them on a regular basis. It will need to be a special request. Why the end of September? we have many irons in the fire on how to bring you desserts in a more efficient way and are waiting to see which come to fruition. Please stay tuned for the reveal! A special shout out to Natacia from Signature Party Services for fabulously decorating the tables. She sure made our desserts look good. And to Kerri from kerri ann photos. I can hardly wait to see the pictures. And, yes, they will be posted here and other places on our website when we get them.


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